What became of the middle class?

Qué fue de la clase media

The economic crisis that began in 2008 dealt a harsh blow to the middle class, marking the onset of a turbulent period with significant job losses and wage reductions. Once considered stable and secure, white-collar professionals were particularly affected, highlighting their increasing vulnerability in an ever more uncertain job market. With the arrival of COVID-19, the situation worsened, disproportionately impacting these workers and exacerbating the challenges they already faced.

Today, the middle class, with a profound sense of social responsibility, struggles to regain a decent quality of life in a context of constant change. Their future, though uncertain, serves as a reminder of the need for inclusive policies that strengthen their role in society.

This adjustment reflects concern for the social representation of the middle class and their struggle to maintain a decent quality of life, despite the economic and labor challenges faced since 2008 and intensified by the pandemic.