Very Now

Muy de ahora

Each generation is a product of its time, and we often believe that what exists here and now has never existed before. We confuse economic progress and consumer society with the evolution of human behavior. It’s evident that, in material aspects and in the respect for human values, societies are improving. However, individuals continue to generate thoughts in the same way for over a billion years. Our basic attitudes towards life have not changed throughout this time.

If we were to make a list of representative elements of our society, most of us would agree that they portray it:

Roads, pizzas, concrete, apartments, sewer systems, thongs, courier services, circuses, saunas, newspapers, public toilets, calendars, heating, legal profession, non-returnable packaging, fish farms, faucets that mix cold and hot water, drinking water supply, graffiti, sex toys, sustainable planning, advertising, and bookbinding.

In short, the list could be endless, but it’s just a sample of what the Romans were already doing over 2,500 years ago and have passed down to us.

It’s essential to understand the foundation of our culture and realize that not only the new reflects our way of being.