That is only marketing!

Eso es solo marketing

In the social sphere, marketing is often viewed with skepticism, regarded by some as a pejorative or merely superficial mechanism for the success of products, projects, or individuals. This simplistic perception reduces marketing to a magical formula for success, ignoring its intrinsic value and the complexity behind effective strategies. When something succeeds, it’s common to hear the exclamation: “That’s just marketing!” as if merit solely rested on promotional tactics, downplaying the real value of the product or individual skill.

However, this view does not do justice to the essence and fundamental purpose of marketing. Far from being a mere artifice, marketing is an essential tool that facilitates the connection between supply and demand, helping to communicate the value and relevance of a product, service, or person to its target audience. This discipline requires a deep understanding of the market, consumer psychology, and social trends, combining creativity, analysis, and strategy to effectively satisfy needs and desires.

Reducing success to “just marketing” ignores the effort, research, and strategic planning involved in developing campaigns that resonate with the public. It’s time to recognize that marketing, far from being a tool of superficial manipulation, is a fundamental pillar for creating value and building meaningful relationships between brands and consumers. Instead of discrediting it, we should value marketing’s ability to reveal and highlight the inherent value of what it promotes, contributing to a deeper appreciation and well-deserved recognition.