Start from the end

Empieza por el final

“A concise and clarifying definition of strategy is the following:

“Strategy is the process of generating anticipatory ideas for actions aimed at achieving our objectives in accordance with our capabilities.”

Defining a strategy is an intellectual endeavor, much like writing a novel but starting from the end, knowing that the narrative will one day materialize into reality. Constructing from the end to the beginning will allow us to fit the narrative pieces perfectly from Chapter I, ensuring coherence throughout.

Working with a strategic vision means:

  1. Knowing who you really are.
  2. Having the ability to observe the short term and the skill to foresee what will happen in the long term.
  3. Identifying causes more than symptoms.
  4. Having a clear understanding of who you are fighting against to achieve your objectives.

Strategy, a story. Lawrence Freedman, prologue p.15″