The educated and informed consumer

El consumidor culto

Among the traits that define today’s consumer, one stands out: they are more educated and better informed. However, we cannot generalize the idea that the modern consumer is more educated. On the contrary, a significant portion of the new generations is not more educated than their predecessors despite living in a more open, education-accessible, and […]

The mobile of necessity

El móvil de la necesidad

Meeting needs is at the heart of the raison d’être of products or services. For humans, a need is the feeling of lacking something that generates a desire to satisfy it. One becomes aware of a need when self-recognized or triggered by an external stimulus. The need exists in the mind of each individual. The […]

Campo Grande and Baltasar Gracián teachings for consultants

Campo Grande y Baltasar Gracián

Upon reading again the poem “The Righteous” by Jorge Luis Borges, I have stopped at the line “El que descubre con placer una etimología” (He who discovers with pleasure an etymology), and my memory, like Proust’s madeleine, has taken me to the bench in Campo Grande, a refuge for my adolescent readings, amidst the thick […]

The Ever-Present New Competitiveness

La nueva competitividad de siempre

In the early years of this century, we live in a highly stratified and competitive society, characterized, among other things, by phenomena such as globalization, the development of the information society, and the new competition from emerging countries. All of this, seasoned by the surge of the so-called bubble, its burst with the profound crisis […]

An answer for strategists

Dear strategist, I invite you to reflect: On which of the following dates do you believe Nazi Germany began to lose the war? • September 1, 1939, when through “Operation White Case,” the invasion of Poland began, leading two days later, on September 3, to England and France declaring war on Germany. • June 22, […]