That is only marketing!

Eso es solo marketing

In the social sphere, marketing is often viewed with skepticism, regarded by some as a pejorative or merely superficial mechanism for the success of products, projects, or individuals. This simplistic perception reduces marketing to a magical formula for success, ignoring its intrinsic value and the complexity behind effective strategies. When something succeeds, it’s common to […]

The Complex Definition of “Youth” in Our Time

Los jóvenes en la actualidad

The notion of “youth” in the modern world is notably complex and nuanced, reflecting a blend of social, cultural, and economic factors that transcend a simple classification by age. This ambiguity highlights how youth, a concept traditionally linked to the transition from adolescence to early adulthood, has evolved into a more inclusive and fluid definition. […]

What became of the middle class?

Qué fue de la clase media

The economic crisis that began in 2008 dealt a harsh blow to the middle class, marking the onset of a turbulent period with significant job losses and wage reductions. Once considered stable and secure, white-collar professionals were particularly affected, highlighting their increasing vulnerability in an ever more uncertain job market. With the arrival of COVID-19, […]

DAFO, as if nothing


In the business realm, excessive simplification of processes can result in outcomes of little utility. A clear example of this is the implementation of a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) conducted through interviews with department heads without a clearly defined strategy beforehand. Often, the result of this approach is akin to a grocery list: […]

Start from the end

Empieza por el final

“A concise and clarifying definition of strategy is the following: “Strategy is the process of generating anticipatory ideas for actions aimed at achieving our objectives in accordance with our capabilities.” Defining a strategy is an intellectual endeavor, much like writing a novel but starting from the end, knowing that the narrative will one day materialize […]

The Best Perfumer

El mejor perfumero

Legend has it that after the French Revolution, taking advantage of the new times with the disappearance of the Old Regime, a perfumer from Provence set up shop in Place Vendôme in Paris. He unveiled a flashy sign that read: “the best perfumer in France.” Such a provocation left the local perfumers bewildered and extremely […]

Very Now

Muy de ahora

Each generation is a product of its time, and we often believe that what exists here and now has never existed before. We confuse economic progress and consumer society with the evolution of human behavior. It’s evident that, in material aspects and in the respect for human values, societies are improving. However, individuals continue to […]

The Duck with Its Own Name

El pato con nombre propio

My friend Celestino bought a duck for his daughters, and it quickly became the center of attention for everyone, even another member of the family. They named the duck Paco, an original choice. Paco played, ate, and grew. Soon, a corner of the living room turned into a full-fledged duck feeding area, and Paco, a […]

The Dissatisfied Consumer

Understanding the intricacies of the human mind sheds light on the behavioral patterns associated with our consumption habits. Many of these behaviors are directly linked to the evolutionary process of humans and the adaptation of our primal emotions to the present moment. Consumers are driven by four fundamental motivations: the pursuit of happiness, love, distinction, […]

10 Consumer-Driven Trends

10 tendencias de los consumidores

Consumers have a voice, and they are speaking louder and clearer than ever. Through their purchasing choices, they dictate their preferences and values. These consumers are ahead of the curve, drawing from their knowledge of brands and experiences in their acts of buying and consuming. They are sustainable, ethical, committed, responsible, and empathetic – actively […]